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Finding a Quiet Hotel

Why is guaranteeing a quiet room challenging? Turning an ordinary establishment into a quiet hotel is difficult, usually due to structural issues in the building. Given noise ranks as the top problem travelers complain about, some hotels are making an effort.

But what does it take to properly isolate the noise? From using special building techniques to high tech white noise machines to suppress other noise sources, there are various methods. Check these news from the hotel industry to get an insider view, it might help you ensure a quiet room.

How to get a quiet hotel room

Do not disturb: How to get a quiet hotel room

Gone are the days of doors slamming, crying kids and after hour parties… (Read more:

Keep the noise down for a quiet hotel

Quiet! Hotels strive to keep the noise level down

Thin walls, loud neighbors, partiers and construction banging have ticked off almost anyone who has stayed in a hotel… (Read more: USA TODAY)

It is also informing to read the views of an acoustics expert analysing a hotel room, from tighly fitting the doors to isolating the plumbing supplies. The article can be found here.