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Finding a Quiet Hotel

Why is guaranteeing a quiet room challenging? Turning an ordinary building into a quiet hotel is difficult, usually due to structural issues. Given noise ranks as the top problem travelers complain about, some hotels are making an effort.

But what does it take to properly isolate the noise? From using special building techniques to high tech white noise machines to suppress other noise sources, there are various methods. Check these articles for tips and insights:

How to Find a Truly Quiet Hotel Room

The quest for a silent night is often an elusive task for travelers, but there are ways to improve your chances… (Read more: The New York Times)

NY Times: “Steer clear of large urban hotels and convention hotels”

Do not disturb: How to get a quiet hotel room

Hotels employ a variety of strategies to nix noise. Some sell or give away earplugs. Others offer machines that cover unwanted noise. And some rely on built-for-sleep construction…. (Read more:

NBC News: “Ask if there are conventions or other special events booked at the hotel”

This is how to make sure you get a quiet hotel room every time you go away

There’s nothing worse than checking into a lovely hotel room, only to find that the walls are paper thin and you’re being kept up by the noise of fellow guests…(Read more: Mail+)

Mail+: “Always ask for a corner room if you want peace”

Do you have any other tips to share? Please let us know.