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Are you a light sleeper?

We have been proudly handpicking quiet hotels for you since 2013.

Do the star ratings guarantee quiet hotels? How many times did noise turn your dream holiday or business trip into a nightmare? There are countless disturbances that can affect your sleep. 24-hour traffic outside. Thin walls. Noisy ventilation.  Not every hotel will care about fixing these issues.

We have a unique concept. Somewhere between a proper travel website and a community hub for light sleepers. To help you conduct a more informed search and get the best deals.

Simply check our guides to find quiet hotels in London, New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Istanbul, Ibiza, Tenerife, Majorca, Dubai, Hong Kong and Tokyo, or our hotels with courtyards global list including cities like Frankfurt and Stockholm.

You can read more about us (and our competition!) here: Yahoo News, The TravelWrap Company blog, Le Devoir (in French).

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